Friday, August 25, 2006

Public Art I want to see in s'oaks

The picture comes from a post today on Boing Boing. It got me thinking again about Public Art in Sherman Oaks, which there is not much of. Yet there is so much opportunity in terms of space.

VIVA Gallery has an initiative for a small urban park and the mural of the Freeway Lady at the corner of Moorpark & Fulton. The library has some interesting work in the community room.

But the picture here makes me excited as it would fit perfectly under a freeway pass. Big empty walls. What a great space for a bit of art. I'm not talking something extravagant. Just something fun, simple and spontaneous.

While I sort of enjoy the randomness of things like Project Rabbit (even if it is officially graffiti), the pictured work is much more thrilling.

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