Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Shameless Self Promotion - ArtFilmsNow.com

I've been wanting to do something like this for awhile now. And here it is: ArtFilmsNow.com.

I've not found one good single place that aggregates the indie, foreign, art house, animation, festival, documentary movies that I can see in theatres. I feel I really have to search it out sometimes. So here's my thing: It's an e-mail list, not a website. If you want the 411, you gotta sign up. Simple. Hope to see you there!


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Sherman Oaks Documentary

See, Sherman Oaks is cool! Director Farah Z. Khalid goes out to prove the Valley has some spunk. LAist points towards the new upload-your-video-into-a-flash-movie site - Turn Here: Short Films. Cool Places.

The the short doc leads you to some classic movie star homes and peaks into the uniqueness of Ventura Blvd. All we need now is a few more live theatres, clubs, and the Ventura Blvd. Subway. Oh yeah, can we bring the farmer's market back?


Other Notable Docs:

L.A. Without a Car
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Auto Vs. Pedestrian: Surreal

I was sore to begin with. A post holiday run at the Pacific Shoreline Marathon 5K on Sunday did that to me. Now I'm really going to need to rest.

Today while crossing the street at Valencia Blvd. and Citrus Ave in Santa Clarita on my way to City Hall, out of the corner of my eye I saw something move toward me. Then I was on top of that thing. Then I was on the ground staring at the driver. Then I was pointing to the parking lot for her to pull over and talk. Then she drove away.

I was shocked as it was. But when the car drove away, leaving me in the crosswalk, I was stunned - "Is this for real? Am I really in a hit-and-run?"

I'm lucky I was on top of the car rather than below. I'm lucky she didn't drive through me. I'm lucky I was able to stand up and walk. I'm lucky I got her license plate number.

Today was a red flag day, so when the police and ambulance came to City Hall, so did the fire department water truck.

I'm thankful for all the support I got from city staff who stayed with me through this. Even the Assistant City Manager gave a visit in the E.R. to check up on me. An all staff e-mail went out because rumours were spreading fast. It's all one surreal experience and I'm sure no one will ever want to park in the Citrus Lot for another few weeks (The Citrus Lot is our rotating overflow lot across the street).

Self defense mode must have kicked into gear fast because I wrote down her license plate down correctly. Sheriff's found the maybe octogenarian at her house where she apparently thought my pointing to pull over was a "No worries! I'm all good! Have a great day!" She must have been a little shocked too. How often do you make a left turn and all of the sudden someone is on your hood? Nevertheless, you hit someone, you pull over. Pedestrians don't win, even if I was crossing legally.

Weird thing is, I'm a pretty damn conscientious pedestrian. Traffic safety is one of my "things." I cross this street 5 days a week. I always keep an eye on "turn on red" drivers making eye contact with them. And when there is car that is going to make a left hand turn, I'll keep an eye on them. This time, there was no car waiting to turn left when the light turned green. I wasn't that far from the other side when I got struck. She must have caught the green and rode on through. I'll never cross a street the same.

After a long time in the E.R. at Henry Mayo Newhall hospital, I was released and drove back home. I'll have a check up with a doctor very soon. I'm still in more shock than pain at the moment, but a friend from LAist warned me: "I had a really good friend who was in an accident like yours and unfort. in like two-three days you're going to probably feel a lot worse than you do now." Alright! I can't wait. Bring it on!

So that's that. I have to give City of Santa Clarita employees props. It's truly a great City to work for. I can't imagine a better place to be hit outside of.