Sunday, August 13, 2006

Another Sherman Oaks Blog

In addition to the new Stuck in the Valley by Max, Sherman Oaks has yet another new blog with a very similar url: (you'll notice mine is From Sherman Oaks (1927 - ) started last Tuesday by a group of community members involved on the Sherman Oaks Beautification Committee, a group made of of Neighborhood Council Reps (SONC), The HOA (SOHA), and the Chamber. In a letter, blog admin, David wrote to me:
This past week I started a blog for Sherman Oaks (initially it was meant to be just for the Sherman Oaks Beautification Committee), but I’m thinking it could be a sort of on-line bulletin board for all the people who are involved in trying to make a difference in our neighborhood. In any case, I was looking to see what else there was on Sherman Oaks, and I chanced on your blog, which almost made me want to hit the “delete blog” button and go eat a pretzel.
Sherman Oaks is going blog and that is excellent news. For my neighborhood watch (NW), I started a blog and am offering blog setup to any of the other NWs. The group of NWs in Sherman Oaks East (9A89 LAPD Basic Car) have an e-mail discussion list already and I'm hoping there will be some more blogs to come (hopefully a SONC blog).


PTA Mom said...


Can you post our event somehow - proceeds will benefit the ARTS programs at Dixie Canyon School in Sherman Oaks?

4th Annual Designer Boutique Sale
Saturday, November 3rd
Location: Dixie Canyon Avenue School, 4220 Dixie Canyon Avenue, Sherman Oaks, CA

Over 40 vendors selling items such as handbags, childrens clothing, yoga wear, jewellery, toys, candles, home decor and more....

Enter FREE parking lot off back Alley behind Casa Vega and Maria's
For more info call Hotline at 818-978-2728.

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