Saturday, August 19, 2006

Getting Shot: A Cost of Doing Business

Maxson's Pharmacy at 14070 Ventura Blvd (cross street Hazeltine) was robbed at gunpoint on Friday.
The robbery of a Sherman Oaks pharmacy was foiled Friday afternoon by a store employee who confronted the would-be robber and shot him, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department said.

Initial reports indicated that the employee had taken the intruder's gun and turned it on him, but police later retracted that account and said they still were investigating how the shooting occurred. (L.A. Times)
The leadful robber escaped wearing a bullet proof vest, yet needed medical attention and was dropped off at Tarzana Hospital where he was arrested. The getaway car, described as a "black or dark-colored Volkswagen Golf," is still at large.

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Max said...

I was coming back from my chiropractor on Friday, and had to go around the getaway car that had it's hazards on, as I unknowingly made a right on to ventura and Stansbury.