Thursday, February 21, 2008

M Street Coffee Opens on Moorpark

For those who didn't see it on LAist, there's a new coffeehouse in East Sherman Oaks near Moorpark and Fulton, (more specifically Longridge).  

Free wifi, plenty of wall plug space, eco and vegan friendly, you can't complain.  

It's great to see this corner of Sherman Oaks beginning to become revitalized -- it only takes one coffeeshop.  I always found it sleepy since I moved here.  M Street can really bring some sidewalk activity with their outdoor seating at their corner-front store.  Added bonus that it's surrounded by mostly apartment complexes, so it's serving a walkable need.  

Right now they close at 6 p.m., which is way early, but it seems to be a Valley thing to do, save for LuLu's Beehive, but last I checked, no wifi and the Ventura coffeehouse just never clicked with me.  The Coffee Fix in Studio City I'm a fan of, but they close early too at 7 p.m. Andrea, who seems to be the face of M Street (I never asked if she was the manager or not), says they will be most likely be extending to later hours as word gets out about them.  So here it is, go visit them!