Thursday, August 24, 2006

Increased Crime in Sherman Oaks*

PCR Chriss (that's Police Community Representative) passed this information along to all the East Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Watch Block Captains:
There has been a significant increase in the last two weeks of stolen cars. Nate [Banry] says more in the last two weeks than in the last two years. A cluster is in the Ventura Blvd/Hazeltine area.

Also, there has been a sharp increase in home burglaries - especially houses that are for sale. Three of them have been in the Greenleaf Neb [sic] Watch area!
If you see anything in process, call 911. If you see anything suspicious, call dispatch at (818)734-2223.

And remember, if you can write down license plate numbers, that is gold!

*Update: In Sherman Oaks (1927 - ) has a great list of tips on how to make it harder to get your car stolen. I've gotten my window etched, I would recommend you get it done too.

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