Friday, August 11, 2006

Taking A Stab at prelaunches and there has been much buzz about it lately. I went and gave it a trial.

  • The good: pretty easy to use, cool picture function, extreme local news, event calendar.
  • The bad: design is blah, few bugs to fix, homepage is confusing, news stories that really should be blogs.
  • My prediction: If the features keep rolling out and if it is easy to use for everyone, this site will be huge.
  • My recommendation: Hire community managers for each community to keep the energy going (I'll take Sherman Oaks!).

My News Briefs:
Latest 405 Closures
Does 8% Mean Anything?

Photo: Leia

1 comment:

robyn grace said...

so your blog led me to valleynews which led me to the midnight ridazz event description ...

at which point the whole pirate fascination became a litte bit more clear.