Friday, July 07, 2006

Project Rabbit Is Upon Us

I noticed last weekend that Project Rabbit has hit Sherman Oaks. This particular photo is at the corner of Woodman and the Southbound 101 Exit. By City definition, this is graffiti. But honestly, I find this a bit more pleasant than the "public art" that is found at The Village at Sherman Oaks.

The Village has been facing a lot of increased graffiti (by that I mean, tagging... and I'm sure some street art too) and one of the tactics was to put the icons (that you see on the left hand side of various pages on their website) on traffic control boxes and whatnot. I would rather see them doing something a little more creative and engaging like this traffic control box I saw in Emeryville (outside of San Francisco) because..."uhhh... what is that" conversations can beget from it. And more importantly, I really like that shade of yellow.

Traffic Signal Box Man #1

By the way, if you see graffiti in Sherman Oaks, call 311 to report it. Or do it online.

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Sarah said...

I hadn't heard of Project Rabbit. Cool.