Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Latest in Crime

If you are a neighborhood watch block captain, you already know this. But most likely, you're not. If you are interested in becoming a block captain, e-mail me, I'll hook you up with the right people. Anyway, here is some info:

Burglary From Motor Vehicle (BFMV) crimes remain the biggest problem in the East Sherman Oaks area. These crimes are easily prevented. Most BMFVs are crimes of opportunity. The bad guy's walking down the street, sees something he wants in your car, smashes the window, and takes it. Don't leave anything in your car someone would want to take. Don't leave your laptop in the backseat. Don't leave cell phones, wallets, CD's or even clothes. Don't leave them in your car and I can pretty well guarantee no one will break in. Oh, and always, always lock your cars. ~ Senior Lead Officer (SLO) Nate Banry
George Aguilar, SLO for West Sherman Oaks, warns of BFMV, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and ATMs at night in addition to his problem child - the Cedros/Dickens parking garage where graffiti covers that garage from head to toe (though now improving with the nightly locking of the gate).

SLO for North Sherman Oaks (anything north of the 101), Justin Bergmann, deals with all the above plus the Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Park: "Multiple citizens in the area are complaining of shopping carts, drinking alcohol in the park and sleeping in the park after it's closed. I, along with the bicycle unit will be working this area diligently during the upcoming month."

The next Sherman Oaks Community Neighborhood Watch Leaders Meeting will be on Thursday August 31st, 7:00 p.m. at the Sunkist Building (Southwest corner of Riverside & Hazeltine)

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