Thursday, August 17, 2006

Playfood: Vegan Food That Taunts Me

Back in June, I posted a little Playfood update. LACityNerd thought the store front had dissipated and today, Kay commented this:
A real Update on PlayFood. The Ventura restaurant location is slow going. The main focus is opening a manufacturing plant for this wonderful product in the state of Missouri. We are about 2 - 3 weeks away from production of our cheeses. Be sure to ask for us in your locate grocery and health food stores as we will be contacting them soon for distribution.
Last I heard, the operation was in Kansas. Maybe that was Kansas City, MO. Anyway, while we wait for Vegan cheese made from cashews and spices, you should check out this Venice based company, Miso Mayo. The Spicy Red Pepper is way too good. I recommend putting it on saltine crackers as a snack.


LA City Nerd said...

Don't forget Vegenaise from Follow your Heart in Canoga Park!

Zach Behrens said...

Don't worry, it's in my fridge right now:)