Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mr. Cecil's Ribs Robbed

But this time with a video capturing it all. Owner Jonathan Burrows was smart and installed panic buttons and cameras all over. Was there one out in the alley where the car may have been parked? No word on that yet.

About a week before Barone's got robbed, I was there and speaking to the owner after some gang tagging happened. He said he was going to install a camera on the back wall. Well, a week later, guess who came through that back door? Yups, Ski Mask Bandits. No camera's installed.

Mr. Cecil's Ribs is a pretty easy target. If anyone knows the alley behind it (Ventura Blvd. between Woodman and Ventura Cyn.), it is a fairly wide alley and easily sped through. Burrows said he saw some suspicious men doing what seemed like casing the place a month ago. He reported them and their license plate to the police. We'll see if it leads anywhere.

My theory: These robberies are not for the money, rather, the thrill.

Photo: NBC4

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Jason O said...

Where is the LAPD police presence in Sherman Oaks? I am angry. It's not like we haven't figured out where these guys are targeting!