Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Crime Map: Aug 1 - Aug 7

The most interesting thing about this map is that the August 6th Homicide is not recorded here.
  • Otherwise, the purple denotes thefts from vehicles which end up mostly to be CDs and Laptops.
  • The light orange are violent robberies. You'll notice that the light orange near the 101/405 junction is the Valley Inn robbery.
  • Navy Blue means Grand Theft Auto. One on Riverside and one on Costello (just south of Ventura Blvd.)
  • Turquoise is Personal Theft (think taking your purse or wallet of you)
There is a criss-cross in the public information updating here by the LAPD. While the August 6th homicide is posted on the LAPD blog, it is not on the map. The Valley Inn robbery is absent from the blog while it is on the map.

Information Gathered from www.LAPDCrimeMaps.org

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