Monday, August 07, 2006


I missed this article from the New York Times Travel Section a few weeks ago:
THE San Fernando Valley has always gotten a bad rap. For years, it has been associated with two dubious cultural phenomena: Valley Girls and pornography. But just as the city of Los Angeles has undergone a process of rediscovery in long-neglected regions like the downtown area, so this suburban outpost across the Santa Monica mountains has also experienced an image makeover...

The velvet rope has come to the Valley in a big way, especially on Ventura Boulevard, around the Studio City-Sherman Oaks corridor, where bar-hopping on foot is possible.
It goes on to mention a number of restaurants and bars, mostly about Studio City destinations, but Sherman Oaks got one shout out:
For heartier fare, there’s the Boneyard Bistro (13539 Ventura Boulevard, 818-906-7427), a barbecue joint that doesn’t scrimp on big slabs of red meat, but also throws in a few curve balls, such as deep-fried macaroni and cheese ($6 for a large portion) and smoked-duck spring rolls ($11).
Within a few hundred feet, there is another Meaty Rib place, Mr. Cecil's California Ribs. I'm a vegetarian who tries not to eat too much cheese. But I am curious about this deep-fried mac & cheese.

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Photo: J. Emilio Flores for The New York Times


Wrecktum said...

The deep fried mac and cheese is nothing to write home about. It tastes more fried than cheesy and the texture is too pasty on the inside.

For fried BBQ sides, I prefer the hushpuppies at Mr. Cecil's.

Zach Behrens said...

Thanks for the heads up!