Thursday, June 22, 2006

Playfood Update

Since it's in the top 5 of ways people find this blog via Google, I feel I should put up an update about Playfood. I think E! or some Hollywood show must keep on rerunning the episode where Taran Noah Smith is talking about his vegan "fast food" restaurant - Playfood.

If you don't know Smith, you probably do. He was the little tyke, the third youngest brother on Home Improvement with Tim Allen. He also lives in Sherman Oaks. More importantly, his restaurant is at 11118 Ventura Blvd. in Studio City. Problem is, it's still not open yet. We're talking maybe 2 years to get this restaurant open.

Unless someone can correct me here, the latest I'm hearing is that Playfood is set to open up this fall. Then we can all bask at 3 a.m. with vegan cheese nachos and ice cream in The Valley.


LA City Nerd said...

The sign that has been up for years is no longer there. Is Playfood really coming to Los Angeles? (or have I gone blind to it as I pass this place?)

Kay said...

A real Update on PlayFood. The Ventura restaurant location is slow going. The main focus is opening a manufacturing plant for this wonderful product in the state of Missouri. We are about 2 - 3 weeks away from production of our cheeses. Be sure to ask for us in your locate grocery and health food stores as we will be contacting them soon for distribution.