Thursday, November 17, 2005

Valley getting a little more Green

This past week a new restaurant opened in Sherman Oaks adding to the Sherman Oaks/Studio City vegetarian/vegan staple. Leaf Cuisine opened it's second storefront (original in Culver City) giving locals raw, vegan, kosher, and organic food. The prices are excellent for raw food and the smoothies are delicious.

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Some other nearby Veggie/Vegan friendly restaurants are (not a complete list):

  • Four & Twenty Blackbirds: Black Bean Burgers, Flame Burgers, Vegetarian Chile, and veggie sausage and soyrizo for breakfast.

  • Mexicali: The Tortilla Soup is vegan and there are many verdura entrees listed.

  • Hugo's: Beautiful design with beautiful food. This place is a delight and one of those places you just feel very L.A. in.

  • Leonor's Mexican & Vegetarian Restaurant: Excellent food here. There was some controversy in the past whether or not the "vegan" cheese was actually vegan or not. Leonor keeps her recipes close to heart. Sort of how my now deceased grandmother from Mexico laughed at me when I asked her if I could have her traditional Mole recipe before she passed away.

  • QT Chicago Dogs: Get your Chicago style veggie dog here (EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm from Chicago and am very pleased with my hometown representation. But they cannot do Chicago style cheese fries. I once met the owner and tried to rally him to do it, but no luck so far).

  • Good Earth Cafe: Impressive homemade veggie burgers and tofu curries for breakfast..

  • PlayFood: Owned by Home Improvement's Taran Noah Smith, it should open within the next year. Smith and his group of Merry Pranksters (come on, they own an old MTA bus) will be serving a Vegan-only menu including cheese nachos, tacos, and ice cream late into the night.

  • There is a vegan French restaurant in Encino that I have heard of, but do not know the name of at this time.

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Ilene said...

Hi Zach,

The vegan restaurant in Encino is called Madeleine's, but I've not been there yet. Thanks for the heads up about Leaf and Playfood. It's about time we got more vegetarian/vegan restaurants over here. There's also Follow Your Heart out in Canoga Park -- now there's a good "burger"!