Monday, November 14, 2005

Nov. SONC Meeting

Interesting notes from Monday night's Sherman Oaks Neighbourhood Council (SONC) Meeting.

  • Mail theft is becoming a recurring problem on Ventura Cyn. Rd. Also, someone in a red car of some sort is going around and going through people's trash. I cannot repeat this often enough (though a first on this blog), buy a paper shredder with cross shredding action.

  • Speaking of scams, I've heard more than once that the "Cat in the Yard" scam is occuring with frequency in Sherman Oaks. Someone will knock on the door, usually very pleasent looking, sometimes with a child, saying that their cat ran away into your backyard. As you bring them back to your yard, someone else robs you.

  • David Rahimin(sp?), of the Office of the Mayor, presented the Council with a recognition for helping out on October 1st's Mayor's Day of Service

  • Jack Weiss' field deputy announced the re-opening of the Ventura Blvd. on-ramp to the 405/101. Although I think this will just be a 101 opening (can't get that pen writing fast enough)

  • Wendy Gruel's field deputy announced that preferential parking rules are going to be rewritten. The 6-block minimum to establish a district will go away with a smaller minimum to replace it. This is good news.

  • The antiquated Oak Tree ordinance will be redone adding Sycamores and other native trees. Size of property and definitions of "experts" will also be redone within the ordinance.

  • A representative of the Valley Village Neighbourhood Council presented to the council about their initiative to fix the problem of no sidewalks along Chandler and the Orange Line. It seems MTA built a few sidewalks that lead to no-where. He urged SONC to participate on this issue in its jurisdiction.

  • Looks like Neighbourhood Councils might only have to post agendas in one place publicly vs. the current five locations. With so many various committees, posting agendas around town has become a part-time job.

  • The big "Car Meeting" with LAPD will be on Thursday, November 17th at 7:00 p.m. in the Sunkist building. Usually these meetings are for Block Captains for local Neighbourhood Watches, but it is highly encouraged that everyone attends this. You get a chance to meet all the LAPD assigned to your neighbourhood in Sherman Oaks. And no, your local parking enforcement officer will not be present.

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Andrew said...

I was scammed last week when someone printed Wash Mutual checks with their name under mine along with my bank account. A warning to all: forged checks can be printed and this might be a bigger danger than credit card fraud.