Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Enforcement Cameras

It's one of those hot topics in the media now with Zine letting the goose loose on the red-light enforcement cameras not working anymore. To be honest, I am not even sure if there are any in Sherman Oaks. Nevertheless, those cameras get people quite passionate when they hear about them. I think they can be pretty solid if you get a good company like the City of Santa Clarita does with Redflex. Here's why they work on a technical level and a government customer service level:

1. The sensors that activate the cameras do not begin "sensing" until a red light happens (no yellow light tickets).
2. Those same sensors only will understand 8 mph or more.
3. If the above two things happen, the enforcement begins with photos, but more importantly, a video feed.
4. Photos and videos are then reviewed for accuracy by Redflex employees.
5. Redflex then sends the violations to the Sheriff's who review and cite.
6. If anyone contests the ticket, they can visit the Sheriff's station and view the video themselves.

Photos can be debateable, but a video of you running a red light with the camera capturing the light, you, and the limit line, that is pretty solid evidence. And for the record, I just want to say I am not endorsing Redflex here, I Just happen to know how they operate so I described what I know. I just think the system they use is pretty foolproof and has checks-and-balances built in that would not allow any abuse of powers by any city.

I'm leaving comments open on this one. I would like to hear what people think about this in general, but also on this issue in regards to Sherman Oaks. Should there be some? Where and why?


Craig Faustus Blog said...

I hate to recommend Big Brother tactics, but the fact is that collision rates drop dramatically at intersections with red light cameras.

Andrew said...

Dear Zach-
Welcome the wonderful world of Valley Blogs.

Andrew said...

Dear Zach-
I wonder if you might have a comment about a specifically Sherman Oaks traffic problem:

On Ventura, between Cedros and Kester, there is a Sav On where there is miserable traffic. This is caused, I believe, by the fact that the Sav On allows both Westbound and Eastbound Ventura traffic to turn into their lot. There is no stoplight here.

This traffic tie up could be lessened if Bank of America and Savon knocked down the wall between their parking lots and allowed traffic on Cedros to enter the Savon parking lot through Cedros.

Cars going eastbound on Ventura should be prohibited from entering the Savon parking lot.