Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Being Prepared: The Real Deal

The last post was a bit of a misnomer to the content of it. I was exaggerating the feeling of personal emergency when you are stuck in traffic. Nevertheless, it caught Brian Humphrey's eye of the Los Angeles Fire Department who left a comment regarding Emergency Preparedness. He runs the LAFD Blog which is quite a genius tool to use in public relations. As he said, the LAFD's page has a drop down box of popular Emergency Preparedness links. TAKE THE TIME THIS WEEKEND TO LOOK THESE OVER.

Before and after Hurricane Katrina, those of us who work in Government and Public Safety are trained (or should be, I don't know if City of L.A. civilian workers are) and are Disaster Service Workers (Government Code, Title I, Div 4, CH. 8, SEC 3100). But really, we can't wait for the government to be our Knight in Shining Armor. Southern California is pretty savvy when it comes to emergencies, but there are more variables in a major disaster than a Rubik's Cube. We all hope not, but it may be 10 days until things start up again in your area after a disaster happens.

The Sherman Oaks Neighbourhood Council has reinstated its Public Safety Committee, which I am involved with. Among working with the LAPD on crime prevention, another very important goal of the committee is to work on issues of Emergency Preparedness.

Those who are interested in working on Public Safety Issues in Sherman Oaks should contact me. Those who do not live in Sherman Oaks, should contact their local Neighbourhood Council (Don't know yours? Call 3-1-1)

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