Sunday, November 27, 2005

How Does it Right

CBS recently launched their new website that hosts some handsome features. Video archives are now flash, which means no downloading plug-ins, videos load fast, and it works on 99% of computers. With their traffic page, you can plug in your daily commute and get updated alerts e-mailed to you in real time.

The City of Los Angeles' network of web pages have unlimited amounts of useful information. Problem is, I find it easier to google my way into the City network than start at the City of L.A. homepage or any of it's various department homepages. Most major metropolis city websites are in a pretty sad state of affairs. They built them in a hurry to compete with the Silicon Valley boom. Problem was, we were all "building the ship as we sailed it" with a government budget.

Most smaller communities have gone down the road of rebuliding their website as a useful public information tool. So I decided to write the City of LA webmaster a few months ago to find out if there was a plan to redesign the information flow and graphics of their sites. Ironically enough, the e-mail got returned as a failure. I tried again this week with the same return. Of all e-mail addresses, how is it that the Webmaster's e-mail does not work?

Cheers to ITA for aggressively putting everything online. Jeers to ITA for not easily letting us find that information.

Kudos to the LAPD and the Los Angeles Public Libraries for excellent web services. Also, while their site can use some work, kudos to Brian Humphrey at the Fire Department for doing a blog. As someone who works in Government web services, I think that is cutting-edge for someone in public service (same for you Eric Garcetti!).

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