Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bike Paths get a Wiki

Coincidentally, after my post very early this morning about L.A. Bike Paths, a yahoo group - Bikepaths: LA Bicyclists - posted an article on Wikipedia about L.A.'s very own paths. My favourite quote from the article is:

"It is legal to ride on sidewalks as long as you don't show 'wanton disregard' for the safety of those around you."

Very few in L.A. actually say "on your left" when approaching someone you are going to pass. In Sherman Oaks, I tend to get "thank you for letting us know," when I do it.


Last spring I was driving in Valencia behind a female bicyclist who ran a red light talking on her cell phone. Speaking of cell phones, while running the Run Hit Wonder 5K in September, I was passed by a runner gabbing on her cell phone about nothing-too-exciting. Sad thing is, she was the one passing me.

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