Wednesday, July 12, 2006

SONC July Parks Ad Hoc Committee Meeting

Tonight was the monthly Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) Parks Ad Hoc Committee (which has been quite an effective committee in the community). Here are interesting factoids from tonight's meeting:

  • If you've putted around at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park lately, you may have noticed the miniature golf carpet is getting a little old. Not for long. Well, not for long in government speak that is.
  • Back in March or April, an 83 year old woman didn't see a metal gate on the Authorized Vehicles Only driveway as she slowly unhitched it with her car at 5 mph and dragged it 500 feet. She realized when she parked and went into the Parks Office going "Oops!" Thing is, here we are in July and the gate is still not fixed.
  • Supposedly, on the Fourth of July, Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks (VNSO) Park was "crazy and insane." Fireworks, overcrowding and lots of garbage.
  • VNSO is not a "reservation park." Therefore, picnic permits for large groups do not exist. But park staffing is limited and it is an uncontrollable factor.
  • 3 Weeks ago on the first day of Summer Day Camps, many of the park's buildings woke up with a lot of graffiti. The head of Day Camps (I forgot her name) got creative and covered up all the graffiti temporarily with HUGE paper signs telling where parents to go. The graffiti was not seen. Kudos to this particular staff member!

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