Monday, July 10, 2006

Related LAist Posts

It's time to update this blog with some posts I've done over at LAist that deal with The Valley or Sherman Oaks:
  • I always see trucks in the L.A. River, but never caught them on tape until one day.
  • I reviewed Down in the Valley starring Edward Norton, Evan Rachel Wood, David Morse & Rory Culkin.
  • Starbucks on Ventura Blvd., west of Kester, stays open really late.
  • I had a little rant about the state of cheese fries in L.A. QT's Chicago Dogs doesn't serve them....grrrr
  • My lede was terrible and this post got pretty much no attention despite some pretty interesting stuff about Planning and Transportation in the city.
  • The Bus Riders Union visited a Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council committee meeting and I took a video that got a ton of discussion in the comments section.
  • I haven't smelled it in our water yet. Have you?
  • I'm pretty much an obsessed vegetarian. Like I have on this blog, I talk about Leaf Cuisine. This time in a little more detail.
Photo of Stansbury Ave. near Jinky's Cafe

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