Sunday, July 30, 2006

Our Tree Fell Today

An olive tree got top heavy and fell from LA River property into our garden apartment's parking lot. The backlot was blocked, my car in the frontside was not. Too bad I rode my bike around anyway today.

Upon calling 311 a few times, we found out that this was happening all over the city today. But I realized I should probably call the county since it is really their deal. Being jaded about the county, I thought no one would pick up and this issue would not be resolved anytime soon.

But the county slowly is turning my head around. With around 90,000 employees, today was quite an efficient and satisfying experience. I called, they called back, they came, it was done. All within a hour.

"We do more by 9 a.m. than the city does the whole week."
~ Anonymous County Employee


LA City Nerd said...

As a City Nerd, I take offense to the anonymous county employee's statement. I mean, the City had 311 two years before the county launched 211 - that alone is an example of the speed at which the county works. Sad, really.

Zach Behrens said...

Ah, yes, the City v. County juvenile fights. As an ex-employee of another City (not L.A.), I've heard both sides a lot.

It's sort of like taunting each other in gradeschool. I have lots to dish to the county:)