Monday, July 03, 2006

Sherman Oaks: 1 Mile South

This sign off of the 101 Southbound Exit onto Woodman says that Sherman Oaks is 1 mile to the right.

Problem #1: You are already in Sherman Oaks. Maybe it is referring to Ventura Blvd. as a Sherman Oaks "center," yet still that's still less than a half mile away.

Problem #2: If you go one mile from that exact intersection, where are you? In the hills. Still in Sherman Oaks, but in obscurity.

Who really cares anyway? But my dorky tendancies led me to investigate this because it seemed silly.

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LA City Nerd said...

Zach, you're right. Caltrans has no idea where the communities of the City of Los Angeles are. As I noted back on Feb 1, they don't even know where North Hollywood is. It's a battle that could be waged (and won) by a Neighborhood Council - and Sherman Oaks has a lot to gain by having correct signs leading to their community.