Friday, June 16, 2006

I Finally Took the Orange Line*

I really have no use for it since the Metro Rapid 750 is my closest line, but since I was showing my uncle L.A., why not start with that? The Sepulveda parking lot holds around 1157 cars. Since there were only about 75 cars in the lot, we had red carpet parking.

I was especially impressed with the next bus will be approaching in X minutes feature along with "A bus is approaching" on the intercom (The Red Line could really use this) Of course, I found if a bus were behind schedule, "A bus is approaching" would still air when a bus should be approaching, but no bus in sight.

It's was definitely fun and I wish I lived near it, but that would take me to the very Northeast corner of Sherman Oaks. And who can give up this view of the L.A. River?

The highlight of the trip was seeing someone blatantly run a red light. Too bad, no Sheriff was around.

*Update 11:07 a.m.: Kevin talks about all the Orange Line blogging happening today.

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