Thursday, June 29, 2006

Metro Rapid Sherman Oaks

The Bus Riders Union's Lisa Adler gave SONC's Parking, Traffic & Transportation Committee a visit on Wednesday evening to reach out and gather support as I explain on LAist. Next month, the MTA will present their side to the committee.

Adler Donna Gooley, a BRU organizer who showed up at earlier SONC meetings has reported that the 156 Line (Hollywood to Van Nuys Orange Line Station) that hits the edge of Sherman Oaks at Woodman/Burbank will be shortened. Adler reports that Metro Rapid 761's headways may not be reduced anytime soon. The 761 runs on Van Nuys Blvd. through Sherman Oaks to Westwood.

The big Sherman Oaks news in regards to MTA is the 734 Metro Rapid running up and down Sepulveda Blvd. between Sherman Oaks and Sylmar. MetroRiderLA gives it a test run:

Close to Ventura Boulevard, Sepulveda turns to apartments, and the bus turns around via Magnolia Boulevard, Kester Avenue and Ventura Boulevard to layover across from the Sherman Oaks Galleria. The trip was reasonably quick. The entire route took about 35 minutes.

Meanwhile, the other two Sherman Oaks Rapid's will see larger buses:

  • Metro Rapid Line 761 (Van Nuys Blvd.) "will see new 60-foot articulated buses"

  • Metro Rapid Line 750 (Ventura Blvd.) will have new 45-foot high capacity buses

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