Friday, December 02, 2005

L.A.'s New Best Friend - Density

Last Tuesday, Eric Garcetti joined Warren Olney on Which Way L.A.? to talk about his newly elected position as City Council President, term limits, housing, and our city's future. Here are some memorable quotes:

"We are going to admit we are a city finally, not a sprawling suburb."

"...the Orange Line or the Expo Line rail becomes the expectation, not the exception."

"Our best friend is really going to be density in this city."

The Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association (SOHA) might have perked their ears up to that last one. The savvy and articulate SOHA knows how to fight density projects and they do it with a passion. And as they should - it's their right and it's is their neighbourhood. The latest issues have been around high density, non mix-use residential projects which do not bring local amenities. I agree, these projects do need to have local amenities. But in regards to density, I say bring it on baby. Then the Ventura Blvd. Subway will be "the expectation."

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Andrew said...

What some of the Sherman Oaks Homeowners seem
to not understand is that the worst traffic and congestion problems in their area result from single family homes.

Just stand behind Whole Foods on Sepulveda and watch the speeding SUV's rushing into the parking lot so that the house up on Mullholland can have a pint of ice cream.

Stand on Ventura and Kester at 5pm and watch the thousands of cars making their way back home to single family houses from their jobs in Century City and Thousand Oaks.

For Sherman Oaks (and other places) to become viable and pleasant places to live there must be enough housing within walking distance of stores and offices and medical facilities which are served by public transportation.

The homeowners are living in the 1950's when they bark about "mixed use" projects. Those are the projects that will save the Valley.