Monday, December 05, 2005

20 Minute Eviction Notice

Evictions are not fun. Lincoln Place tenants know that. Last Wednesday, Assemblyman Paul Koretz (yes, he has a blog too) hosted an evening of Emergency Preparedness at the Stephen S. Wise Temple for District 42. Chock-full of informative speakers, here are some interesting facts with a theme:

  • There are 9000 LAPD/LAFD employees and 44,000 citizens have been trained in CERT since 1987. There are 3.9 million residents in Los Angeles. Do the math. You are on your own for a little while.

  • Within 6 minutes of the Northridge Quake, every working vehicle from all 104 LAFD stations were en route (2 stations suffered due to the quake). A neighbourhood in Chatsworth did not see any sign of government response for three days. It could happen to you.

  • 75% of male bodies can be identified easily while very few female bodies cannot be. Men and their back pockets; women with their purses.

  • L.A. is the 2nd largest Red Cross chapter in the U.S. The chapter responds to 500 Red Cross Disasters in the Los Angeles area a year. These range from apartment fires to a wildfire.

  • In an emergency, especially a quickly spreading fire, you may be given 20 minutes to go into your house, get what you can, and pray for the best.
Make a bad day a little easier on yourself. Get prepared.

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