Friday, August 03, 2007

Sherman Oaks Bicycle Committee

I'm tempted to start this up, but I am way over-involved. But for this to happen would be incredible.

With three bicycle shops in Sherman Oaks and other community support, a bicycle committee can really do some good for the neighborhood:
  • Work on sidewalk bicycle parking in business districts not currently served (Van Nuys Blvd., Woodman Blvd, Sepulveda).
  • Work with big box and grocery stores on off-sidewalk bicycle parking.
  • Support and report on status of long-term bicycle projects such as the Fulton Ave. Class II Bike Lane and the LA River Class I Bike Path
  • Education Projects in the community with Sharrows and Signage (as seen in the picture)
  • Identifying Class III routes in the community.
  • Work with Land Use Committee and developers of new apartments and condos to build and design in bicycle parking for tenants and guests.
  • Identify and work with property owners who have trees and bushes that "shed" thorns into sidewalks and streets causing bicycle tires to easily pop.
So who wants to do this?


Circadian Swing said...

take it from a guy who used to ride his bike from Woodman/Magnolia to the SO Galleria, I was almost hit so many times by crazy drivers. Unfortunately, Sherman Oaks is the intersection for the outlying suburbs, and the city, and drivers are fuming with road rage by the time they make their way through our failing intersections. By the way, have you been in the bike factory on woodman/burbank... that place is freaky!

Mini said...

Why is the bike factory freaky? I was thinking of going there.

robbie said...

I'll sign on for the committee. We have a long way to go on educating drivers about cyclists rights and how to share the road.

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