Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Shots Fired at Ralphs

It's Britney Spears' Ralphs too:

Los Angeles Times
7:03 PM PDT, June 26, 2007
Man wounded in shooting at Studio City grocery
By Francisco Vara-Orta, Times Staff Writer

A gunman armed with a semiautomatic weapon shot and wounded a man after firing off several rounds this afternoon outside a bustling Ralphs supermarket in Studio City.

Several people ducked when the shots started flying about 3:45 p.m. outside the supermarket in the 12800 block of Ventura Boulevard and Coldwater Canyon Avenue, said Officer Karen Smith, a spokeswoman with the Los Angeles Police Department. The lone victim was shot in the leg, she said.

It appears that the victim and the suspect "have some form of a relationship, but we don't know yet what that could be," Smith said. The suspect was described as a man in his early to mid-20s who was accompanied by another man, she said.

"The suspect shot at the victim from six to 10 times with a semiautomatic weapon," Smith said. "But we don't know if the second man also had a gun or shot at the victim."

The two suspects fled east on Ventura Boulevard in separate vehicles, Smith said. Witnesses described one car as a black Mercedes-Benz and the other as possibly a red BMW, she said.

Smith said the victim, whose name was not released immediately, was transported to a local hospital and is expected to survive.

An investigation of the shooting is continuing.

"It's too early still to determine what happened," Smith said.



Joe Mama said...

I shopped at that very Ralph's location the last time we visited Los Angeles. But my visit was around 2 am for some rolls and cold cuts. It's a small world. I'm glad I wasn't there when the guy opened fire.

marlene said...

Does anybody know have any more details on this shooting? I was there and it was frightening that something like this could happen in this area.

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