Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's Official

With 32 votes and no competition, last night I was sworn in as a councilmember of the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council.

From the Human Relations Commission
Looking at the numbers of votes that were cast in this election, the Human Relations Commission hopes that the Neighborhood Council and its Election Committee will not be satisfied with a voter turnout of 429 people for this election in a neighborhood council that represents 60,921 [note the difference]. Each election should be seen as an opportunity to improve the process, and thereby enhance all aspects of Sherman Oaks Neighborhood CouncilĂ‚’s way of doing things. If Neighborhood Councils are to succeed, each and every one of them must be diligent in reaching out to all of their possible constituencies and be accessible to the community they represent. We know that outreach is an arduous effort, but it must be done to ensure adequate representation from the many diverse communities of Sherman Oaks. To that end, we offer our assistance to this particular Neighborhood Council in the coming year.
I, like most on the Council, concur with the statements above. I am curious to the capacity of "assistance" the Commission can give to our Council. Whatever it is, I hope the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council acts upon it.


Ilene said...

Congratulations for getting up off your behind and doing something! I told my mom to vote for ya.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! May all your dreams come true.