Sunday, October 29, 2006

Go to VIVA Gallery

I went to a Valley Institute of Visual Art (VIVA) gallery opening for the first time today. VIVA is not an art gallery where you just go and look around and maybe buy, maybe not. It is a community, it's more of a co-op.
It's a place for artists in The Valley and surrounding areas to "exhibit their work, enjoy the fellowship and support of other artists, augment their level of educational experience, and to promote interaction and outreach within the community through exhibitions, lectures, competitions and workshops."
Much of the art displayed in today's juried show was art I would like to buy. Freelancing is great, but it still doesn't afford me that much original art.

Painting in Picture: Tokyo in the Rain by John Paul Thornton

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Donna said...

I am an artist and one of the Directors at Valley Institute of Visual Art, VIVA Gallery. It was nice to find this blog on the Internet, and see that another community member, and particularly a member of the Neighborhood Council, has found us. We are, indeed, a place for everyone who appreciates art, and friendship.

Thanks for visiting us,Zach Behrens.

Donna Rogers, Director
Valley Institute of Visual Art