Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sherman Oaks in the LA River Master Plan

So I got a peek at the LA River Master plan today at the Friends of the LA River tour (something I highly recommend) that took a group of about 30 people to 5 locations in LA on the river (Sepulveda Dam being one of them). You can download it from the website, but I'm not a big fan of PDFs that are 100s of pages long.

Above is the Sherman Oaks/Studio City portion of the draft plan (click to enlarge and se it up close). Here are the ideas:
  • The south side of the river (downstream) is a "Proposed River Greenway - Bike Path."
  • The north side of the river (upstream) is a "Proposed River Greenway - Recreation Trail."
  • The dashed turquoise lines mark "Riverside Streets" such as Valleyheart St. between Hazeltine and Woodman
  • The yellow overlay signifies the "Green Corridor" and not City Council Boundries (which are marked by pink lines)
  • The "U" in a pink box means Underpass, but the same marking with a bolded border means "Underpass difficulties." An example would be grading the ground for the path to go under the bridge could prove to be a very difficult project. Maybe a crossing with a light is the solution. The "O" stands for Overcrossing.
  • The diamonds with numbers in them tell us where "Potential Projects" may go. The ones with black numbers on a white background signify "Proposed Projects extending into the community that may require the acquisition of private property." Sounds scary to owners, but here is a list of all land grab those projects:

    1. Number 63 is Castle Park, which the city already owns, so I am not sure what this is all about.
    2. Number 73 says "Acquisition of Property near Hazeltine and the River. I don't know if this means around the Sunkist Building (not going to happen) or the tow yard (could happen).
    3. Number 75 is very interesting - "Fashion Square River Park." Sounds like a nudge nudge wink wink corporate funding request for a park named after the mall.

  • One of the other potential projects caught my eye: Hazeltine River Edge Park which would be between Van Nuys Blvd and Hazeltine between the river and the homes south of Riverside.


MetroRiderLA said...

Interesting. Your Flickr pictures are especially amazing.

Kristen said...

i really hope this happens

BEGRUNT said...

All fine and good, until the next flood......then you will see why the river was designed the way it was. People have short memories.

Andrew said...

We can only hope....