Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rye Street Condo Conversions

Condo conversions are hot hot hot. But they also very unpopular with the renters who get kicked out. This renter got creative with what was on the street:

Rye Street Condo Project #1

Rye Street Condo Project #2

I'm sure there will be some heated debate at the next Monday night's Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council Land Use & Planning Committee. Chair, Rick Mayer, said this project was going to be an important one for Sherman Oaks.

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the MMA fighter of doom said...

hey i used to live in that complex... how much of Rye St. is to be turned into condos? we had a fight crew called Rye Street Hooligans, but we were congenial and kind neighbors. best of luck to you and everyone there... keep us updated.